Asico PPR Pipe

ASICO PP-R has purpose in terms of delivering hot/ cold water. It made from High Molecular weight Polypropylene Random Copolymers. Especially, it manufacture based on Germany's standards suitable for using in the high temporate environment from 70 degree to 100 degree and pressure 25 bar. PPR pipe is very hygienic during used, non-toxic, non - scale, ensure foods hygine safety. It can be installed in the hard environment, moss and mold; the durability of the pipe is very high, over 50 years. Besides, PPR cannot damaged by the water's ion or chemical. The pipe has a very good sound insulation function, heat preservation, energy saving. The weight is much lighter than that of metal plumbing systems (only equal 1/9 of the steel's weight), it is easy to install and labor saving. If you have any questions or set up planning to buy PPR pipes please don't hesitate contact 0225.3719.083


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